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New Survivor Format Revealed: Heroes vs. Villains

rl_survivorCBS has confirmed that the next edition of Survivor indeed will be a Heroes vs. Villains format. The series will be bringing together memorable players from past seasons into two moralistically-opposed tribes. Survivor will premiere with a two-hour episode Thursday, Feb. 11.

Speaking during last night’s Survivor Samoa live finale, host Jeff Probst hinted that the 20th installment of the competition would see memorable contestants from past seasons returning.

The identities of the Survivors: Heroes versus Villains cast have not yet been revealed, but it would be before the show premieres on Feb. 11. The speculative all-stars cast include the winner of the first season, Richard Hatch. It would be good for him, as he was not allowed to take part in this season of the show. Other than him, there might be Stephanie LaGrossa, James Thomas, Tom Westman, Sierra Reed, Rob Mariano, Tina Wesson, Amanda Kimmel and Courtney Yates among others. The list is absolutely speculative and has not been confirmed by any of the concerned authorities.

The upcoming season was filmed back-to-back with Survivor Samoa and will also take place in Samoa. Natalie White was crowned the winner of Survivor Samoa. She beat out Russell Hantz, her closest ally throughout the game, for the $1 million prize.

Speaking after her win, the former pharmaceutical sales representative from Van Buren, AK, said: “It’s about having no regrets. You’ve got to take a big risk to get a big return.

I had to quit my job to do it. So I gave up a wonderful job – not just a wonderful job, but one that I loved so much. There was a lot at risk for me.”

CBS also announced two specials that will fill the Survivor slot in the weeks leading up to the premiere; Jeff Probst and Mark Burnett’s Live for the Moment: a reality pilot where a terminally ill person takes an adventure of a lifetime that will air as a stand-alone special, will debut Jan. 28, and Surviving Survivor (working title), a one-hour 10th anniversary special, will air Feb. 4 and revisit key moments from seasons past.

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